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Lincoln, NE (May 25-26, 2019) – GasGas North America Off-road teams competed at three different venues across the country over the Memorial Day Weekend, ranging from a Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro in West Virginia, to a WORCS race in Nevada and a US National MotoTrials event in Nebraska.

Hidden Valley Golf Full Gas Sprint Enduro

At the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro in West Virginia, a large contingent of off-road competitors lined up to do battle on the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Glen Daniel, West Virginia. It is a rare occurrence to get to race on a golf course, and GasGas North America’s Thorn Devlin was more than up for the challenge. The event also served as a qualifying round for the upcoming ISDE in Portugal, and riding his 2019 XC250, Thorn finished an impressive second during Saturday’s round. On Sunday, Thorn was third.


In the Pro2 class, Thorn scored a personal best for the series by winning two of the tests, catapulting the Pennsylvania rider into fourth place overall in the Pro2 final results. Thorn was in position early in the race to finish on the podium however a crash in the final test of the second day dropped him to fourth overall.

Thorn Devlin: I won a couple tests, which I think is the first time I’ve won any tests in the series. Surprisingly, the test I won was the Cross test, which is the really wide-open stuff. Usually I don’t do well in those, and I usually do better in the Enduro test. But this weekend for some reason it was the complete opposite. We had a really good weekend and we made some progress winning some tests and we showed some good test times, but I fell a little short of my goal. I was running third on the podium all weekend, but in the last section I had a get-off and kind of ruined the chance for third. We’re still good, we’re healthy and we get to live to see another race.


• Still learning the ropes of the Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series, Kori Steede took a big step in her “sprint-racing” career with a solid fourth overall finish at the Hidden Valley Golf Course event.

Kori Steede: I’m not pleased with my finish position, but I’m really happy with how I rode. I feel like I’m getting better with each race and this weekend I watched the other girls and tried to learn as much as I could and I think I came away a better racer. I’m really working my butt off to get better and I think this weekend was a good stepping stone for the rest of the season.


1. Evan Smith (Hsq)

2. Mike Witkowski (Bet)

3. Cody Barnes (Bet)

4. Thorn Devlin (GG)

5. Jesse Ansley (KTM)

6. Ben Parsons (Hsq)

7. Alex Teagarden (Hsq)

Nebraska AMA/NATC US National MotoTrials

The 2019 NATC/AMA US National MotoTrials Series kicked off in Nehawka, Nebraska, where rain during the week preceding the event left the sections somewhat treacherous and deceiving. GasGas North America’s Alex Niederer turned in a solid two days of competition, battling for podium positions on each day.

On Saturday, Alex battled with David Avendano of Venezuela as the two riders fought for the final step of the podium in the Pro class. In the end, Alex settled for fourth, just two points behind Avendano.

On Sunday, Alex once again battled with Avendano and this time he came out on top, finishing third overall, just four points out of second place and two points ahead of Avendano.


Alex Niederer: On Saturday, I was in shape to finish third and in the last section of the day I caught the tape and broke it and that gave me a five, which cost me third. I tried to save it with a one and the bike kind of pivoted around, slid off the rock and just got the tape wrapped up in the wheel and that was the end of that. Unfortunately, we were on a really, really good lap with a six. That gave me an 11-point score for the lap because breaking the tape is a five. Sunday was a better day and I was really in the hunt for second. I felt I rode really good, but we ended up in third, which I’m happy with.

• Defending Women’s Pro Champion Maddie Hoover turned in a pair of first place finishes in the Women’s Pro division, putting her on trasck to defend her 2018 title.

Maddie Hoover: My weekend was pretty good. I came away with two wins and I also won the ES line both days, so that was pretty cool. I feel like I was riding really well. Very solid. No big mistakes. The sections weren’t too difficult, but I’ve been practicing a lot in slippery conditions, so I was okay with it. It definitely was surprising because it looks pretty dry, but the mud on the rocks made it like ice. I think it was good, though. It would have been too easy without it.

• Dalton Land jump up into the Junior Expert Sportsman division for 2019, which means he’s riding much more difficult sections than he did last year. Riding a TXT 125, the Kansas rider got stronger with each ride and finished second in class on Saturday and then came away with a big win on Sunday.

Dalton Land: Saturday started off actually pretty good. I had a few little mistakes, but I ended up taking second by just a couple points for the day. It was actually quite a big step from the white line to the blue line. Hopping is a big step. In the white line it’s mostly just basic turns and stuff like that, but moving up to the blue line it’s a lot more technical, hopping, bigger rocks, things like that. On Sunday, I eliminated all the mistakes I made on Saturday and was able to get the win. Moving up to the harder class was a big step, but after today I have confidence that I can keep improving.  

• GasGas North America’s Daniel Blanc-Gonnet came into 2019 with high hopes after finishing second in the Pro division in 2019. However, Nebraska was a disappointment for the Arizona rider, with eighth and ninth place finishes. Knowing that he put too much pressure on himself, Daniel is looking forward to the remaining rounds and he’s hopeful he can redeem himself.


Daniel Blanc-Gonnet: It was a little rough. I just put a lot of pressure on myself coming in here with the number two plate. I was kind of expecting to just be up there, and I think I kind of took it for granted a little bit and let some points go that didn’t need to happen. Also, I haven’t ridden anything slippery, to be honest. I’ve been riding in Phoenix the entire year, so it was a little bit of culture shock getting out there and getting that drive to hit some of the stuff. I had a few good rides, but everything in the deep mud I just wasn’t on it. So, we got to reset and go for next week.



1. Pat Smage (Shr) 8

2. Jan Peters (TRS) 40

3. David Avenado (Ver) 48

4. Alex Niederer (GG) 50

5. Josh Roper (Shr) 53

6. Karl Davis Jr. (Sco) 57

7. Alex Myers (Sco) 58

8. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (GG) 59

9. Andreas Niederer (Bet) 86

10. Sam Fastle (Shr) 94


1. Pat Smage (Shr) 0

2. Alex Myers (Sco) 23

3. Alex Niederer (GG) 27

4. David Avenado (Ver) 29

5. Josh Roper (Shr) 34

6. Sam Fastle (Shr) 39

7. Jan Peters (TRS) 43

8. Karl Davis Jr. (Sco) 45

9. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (GG) 52

10. Andreas Niederer (Bet) 54

Nevada WORCS

Round 6 of the WORCS series took place in Mesquite, Nevada. Riding his XC300, JT Baker came away with a solid fifth place finish despite suffering a major crash on the fast and whooped out course.

JT Baker: The race went good. I kind of spun off the line at the start and I was maybe eighth going into the first turn but then I cut underneath a few guys and I was fourth going into the next corner. The track was really dusty and a guy passed me and I was fifth at the end of the first lap. I was riding well and I went down really hard in one of the fastest sections and I hurt my wrist. I was able to get going and even though I was riding with a hurt wrist I was still able to get fifth.


1. Clayton Hengeveld (Kaw)
2. Tallon Lafountaine (Hon)

3. Austin Serpa (KTM)

4. Shane Logan (Hqv)

5. JT Baker (GG)

6. Alex Dorsey (KTM)

7. Arturo Salas Jr. (KTM)

8. Matt Maple (Hon)

9. Brandon Magann (KTM)

10. Ryan Oberlander (KTM)

The GasGas North America Team returns to action on June 15-16 in Gilbert, Minnesota for rounds three and four of the AMA US National MotoTrials Series.

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