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We had a blast last year when we kicked off the inaugural running of vintage grass track scrambles during Hallman MX Rewind weekend. The feedback from racers was fantastic and it wasn’t unusual to hear racers say that it was one of the highlights of their weekend. So we’re going to keep the fun going again this year by continuing what is now a new tradition…Friday afternoon, May 31st, grass track scrambles come to life again.

We have the perfect spot with plenty of grass, some hills, and airtime that is kept to a minimum. And being old school, we utilize a rubber band start just like days of old! With an eye to appealing to a cross section of racers, six classes are being offered. Four will appeal to the true old-time bikes and be structured for two stroke bikes up to 1974 and four stroke bikes up to 1974. The other divisions will be 1975-1980 Open and 1981-1999 Open. As long as you have a bike that fits the class, the Hallman MX Rewind grass track scrambles are open to you.

Come join the fun May 31st-June 2nd as we rewind racing history once again at Hallman MX Rewind.

Grass Track Scrambles pre-entry is AVAILABLE HERE. Pre-entry is not required for any Hallman MX Rewind event. But it makes it easier for you and who doesn’t like that?! Pre-entry for the grass track scrambles closes on May 20th at 11:00 AM EST.