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If you have an hour and a half for a ridiculous, action-packed, moto comedy satire that manages to shamelessly touch on almost every stereotype in a culturally insensitive way, I have the movie for you. Frezno Smooth (1999) features a star-studded cast of legendary action-sports figures, iconic musicians, and even a couple of worn-out porn stars. Leading the cast, and playing themselves, Seth Enslow, Mike Metzger, and Jeff Emig all do an admirable job of mocking themselves, which gives them some license to make fun of everybody else. It’s that equal-opportunity offender quality that should allow viewers to forgive themselves for laughing at things that might otherwise rub a nerve.  

The story centers on society’s inability to understand the then-blooming freestyle motocross scene, and law enforcement’s heavy-handed treatment of “moto punks” who seem to live a decadent and care-free existence of playing, partying, and sexual debauchery. Angry cops and a dirty Frezno judge lay an unfair sentence on Seth Enslow which prohibits him from riding motocross, drinking alcohol, or consorting with women for a term of one year. Enslow’s attorney, Lemmy Kilmister, is unable to defend him effectively, and blames the judge’s poor sex life for the harsh sentence. This is set against an upcoming “freeride contest” to be held at the famous Glen Helen motocross facility. A local DJ, Super Fly (Ice T), gets the populace worked into a frenzy of protests and riots. The cry is to “Let Seth Ride”. Meanwhile, the stuffy establishment has its own reaction, and suburban golfers feel compelled to destroy what the moto freaks love most. 

All of this action is laid over a superb soundtrack, and interspersed with freestyle action clips. The production concludes with the free-ride contest hosting some unexpected riders, and boiling with legal intrigue. The inimitable Jerry Bernardo (strangely missing from the IMDb cast list) gives perhaps the most compelling performance, as the event announcer. Again, it’s the willingness of the writers and actors to goof on the subject matter that gives this cult-classic its raunchy charm.  

Lucky for us, the Official release of Frezno Smooth, uploaded from the original master tape, is available on YouTube for all of our enjoyment. Brace yourself for jokes about strippers, hookers, blow-up dolls, booze and weed, gun crime, midgets, amputeesbondage, and even martial arts films. With chase scenes, fist fights, broken hearts, and a performance by Motorhead, this movie has everything a moto punk could ask for. Do yourself a favor – set aside 90 judgement-free minutes and treat yourself to this indulgent mockumentary. Let Seth Ride.